Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sin: A History

I just read a brief but very interesting review of Gary Anderson's new book, Sin: A History, here:

Then I found Bruce Marshall's take (this is really worth reading):

Then I learned about this upcoming conference on Anderson's book at the Augustine Institute in Denver:

I have not read the book; but I plan to, as soon as possible. It looks like it will be a helpful work for people with New Testament questions and a challenge to many assumptions that have become so familiar they are no longer even seen as such. Even if, in the end, you strongly disagree with Anderson, I suspect that being forced to grapple with his arguments should in the long run sharpen your own.

Is there anyone out there who has worked through it or is aware of other reviews?

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  1. I have a review here on God Didn't Say That that you may be interested in.